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NO.1 Which one of the following options is CORRECT about DB2 pureScale feature?
A. DB2 pureScale is only available for DB2 Express-C and DB2 Advanced Enterprise Edition.
B. DB2 pureScale reduces the risk and cost associated with growing your distributed database
solution by providing extreme capacity and application transparency.
C. DB2 pureScale uses the same concept of HADR where the data is replicated from a primary
database to a standby database.
D. DB2 pureScale persists data in the cluster caching facilities (CFs).
Answer: B

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NO.2 What is a DB2 instance?
A. A DB2 instance is just another name for DB2 Database.
B. A DB2 instance is a copy of a database that can be accessed standalone from the database server.
C. A DB2 instance is a logical database manager environment where you catalog databases and set
configuration parameters.
D. DB2 does not use instances. It requires only databases to operate.
Answer: C


NO.3 What are DB2 constraints?
A. A DB2 constraint restricts the tables that can be related together due to database size issues.
B. DB2 constraints are the limits of the database installation when you install and set up your
C. A DB2 constraint is a limitation in the DB2 Express product designed to make it less powerfulthan
the full DB2 product.
D. DB2 constraints are rules that can be imposed on data values (in a table) so that they conformto a
certain property or business rule.
Answer: D

NO.4 Which of the following questions is FALSE about DB2 Audit facility?
A. The DB2 Audit facility allows you to export audit data into a table format for easy reporting.
B. The DB2 Audit facility helps you comply with business regulation or legal rules requiring companies
to keep historical records of database activities.
C. The DB2 Audit facility helps monitor data access to protect against unknown or unwanted
D. The DB2 Audit facility logs configuration changes made by STMM.
Answer: D